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Life Anew is a restorative justice service provider that focuses on transforming education and restoring the relationships between youth and staff. Our team works to provide youth the opportunity to repair the harm they have caused and to develop the skills they need to make positive changes in their lives. We provide conflict resolution services and strive to equip youth with the tools they need to become successful and productive members of society.


At Life Anew, we believe in the power of home and the importance of preserving it for our communities and families. That’s why we provide home preservation services to displaced families, helping them to retain their real estate equity and stay in their homes.

We understand that home is more than just a place to live—it’s a safe haven and a source of pride. That’s why we are dedicated to helping families to keep their homes and thrive in the communities they love.   FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE!

Freedom Place - (Future Project)

At Life Anew, we are devoted to supporting individuals who are transitioning from prison back into their communities. We provide a comprehensive prison re-entry program that focuses on ministry, rehabilitation, restoration, and transformation. Our program is rooted in faith and is designed to help previously incarcerated individuals find hope and healing.

Through our various supportive services, our "Prison to Prosperity Pipeline ™" strives to give individuals the tools and resources they need to live a healthy and meaningful life. We are committed to providing individuals with the support and guidance they need to build a better, brighter future. 

ATX PEACE - (In Progress)

Life Anew is a non-profit organization focused on creating a safer future for communities all over the world. We are dedicated to tackling the issues of gun violence prevention, community policing, and activism. Our goal is to empower individuals and communities to make positive and lasting change.

From our educational forums to our advocacy work, we are dedicated to creating a safe and secure future for all. We invite you to join us in this movement and help us build a better tomorrow.



We are a safe haven for people to find the resources they need to recover and move forward with their lives. Our community is committed to providing access to physical and mental health services, housing, education, and other vital supports.

Our members are empowered to take charge of their lives with the help of our dedicated staff and volunteers. We strive to create a community that promotes mental wellness, encourages self-care, and provides pathways to stability and success.

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