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Our portfolio includes " Chasing Smoke" a captivating documentary and "Restorative Discipline Practices" an accompanying book that delves deep into the transformative power of restorative practices. Through engaging storytelling and insightful interviews, the documentary showcases real-life experiences of individuals who have participated in restorative justice processes and witnessed the profound impact it has had on their lives. From victims finding healing and closure to offenders taking accountability and embracing personal growth, the documentary presents a compelling narrative of restoration and reconciliation. The accompanying book provides a comprehensive exploration of restorative justice principles, practices, and case studies, offering readers a profound understanding of how restorative approaches can reshape our justice system and foster healing within communities. "Chasing Smoke" is a powerful resource that inspires empathy, challenges conventional thinking, and invites us all to envision a more compassionate and inclusive society.

chasing smoke
"a Restorative documentary"

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Restorative Discipline Practices are a process of building community and individual relationships in schools to proactively deal with behavioral issues. The process focuses on the use of community groups, or circles, that give all participants a voice. Restorative Discipline can be used, not only as a new way to manage discipline in schools, but also to educate and empower whole students. This book will provide anecdotes and process stories by authors from diverse backgrounds including: classroom teachers, school administrators, campus coordinators, juvenile justice officials, community leaders and university professors. It will be an inspiration and reference for educators as they begin or continue to implement Restorative Discipline Practices in the schools. Foreword by Jim Walsh, Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo and Kyle PC Afterword by Rod Paige, Former United States Secretary of Education

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