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While many are introduced to restorative justice through the public safety and legal system, restorative justice practices are broadly applicable across public and private organizations. In addition to services for public safety/law enforcement and K-12 education, Life Anew has services that enable restorative conversations and practices in government, healthcare, and business.


Life Anew provides strategic and operations consulting services designed to help clients define and implement restorative justice practices.

Strategic Consulting

Life Anew consultants work with your leadership team to help develop strategies that promote equity and demonstrate cross-cultural awareness. Strategic consulting engagements explore equity across the organization and include recommendations on the following:

  • Equity in Mission, Vision, Goals

  • Developing equitable policies

  • Equitable practices online


Operations Consulting

Implementing restorative justice practices requires specific skills and should be a dedicated discipline within your organization. If you do not have the dedicated resources required for full implementation, Life Anew consultants become members of your team and share the responsibility of communicating and putting your defined practices into action.



Training is an important element of restorative justice because the process builds the skills necessary for long term success. Life Anew provides training for all levels of the organization.



Life Anew workshops are curated spaces that enable individuals to discuss equity, recognize the experiences of all people, and help develop intercultural connectivity. Workshops help develop or transform the culture of the organization by creating spaces where people can see and be seen; making it possible to learn from our collective past so we can create a more equitable way forward.

Life Anew provides the following workshops:

  • Restorative Justice workshops are designed for law enforcement and K-12 education, these workshops provide an open – equitable -- forum for those in power and those accused. Workshops are led by a trained Life Anew facilitator. The goal of these workshops is to identify the source of conflict and chart a path to reconciliation and growth.

  • Intercultural Conversations workshops can be used by any type of organization. These workshops provide open spaces for groups with different cultures to learn from each other and develop new connections that lead to stronger relationships. Cultures addressed with these workshops can be ethnic (Black Americans and White Americans) or they can be organizational (students and teachers, legislators, and legal officials).



Training classes are structured in-person or online learning opportunities. All classes are taught by certified instructors and follow the Life Anew Restorative Justice curriculum. Students will be presented with learning objectives and will be tested for mastery at the end of the training.


Life Anew offers the following training classes:


  • Public Safety/Law Enforcement Training - This class is designed to provide police officers, peace officers, administrators, and legal officials with an understanding of the restorative justice discipline. Participants will learn the history of restorative justice, the benefits of restorative justice and methods for integrating these principles into their daily interactions.

  • K-12 Teacher and Administrator Training  - This class helps teachers and school officials understand the benefits of restorative justice in education environments. Participants will learn the impact of restorative justice in reducing the school to prison pipeline. They will also learn methods for integrating restorative justice in the classroom and into the disciplinary policies of the school.



Life Anew hosts conferences designed to bring together all the parties of a conflict or dispute. The Life Anew facilitator fosters open dialog among the parties guiding them to a resolution that all parties can support.


Conferences are customized to address the specific dispute. Life Anew provides the following conference options:


  • Conflict Resolution - This conference is designed for participants who are parties to a dispute. The conference brings together all the parties into an open dialog. The dialog is led by a certified Life Anew facilitator. The objective of the dialog is to understand the actions that led to the conflict, so the parties can reconnect and strengthen their relationships.

  • Family Group Conference - This conference is an opportunity for family members to gather in open dialog. It can be used to help resolve a dispute or the conference can focus on enhancing communication and deepening familial relationships. This conference engages the entire family. Led by a certified Life Anew facilitator, this conference helps to uncover complex problems that disrupt family harmony. The process provides support to help the family discover solutions and create an environment that is conducive for the families’ success.


Curriculum Development

Our presentation and training is a comprehensive program that provides a developed curriculum to train professionals and community leaders on participating in a process that engages people in meaningful relationships that transform lives. Our curriculum trains law enforcement, private and public entities, and educational institutions. We are committed to empowering people through education and training to help create positive change in our community.

"As a leader of the MIOP group, I especially appreciated the Creating a Restorative Work Environment Framework uniquely created by Life Anew for MIOP. This framework serves as a reference to the team’s agreed mission and allows accountability and assessment of the work environment continued to the present day."

Estphanie Olivares

Austin Public Health

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