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Program Overview:


The Life Anew Anti Displacement Program is designed to provide assistance and support to individuals and families at risk of displacement due to the construction and development of the Project Connect line in the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The program aims to prevent involuntary displacement by offering services in relation to the following:


1. Estate Planning Services: Applicants can access services related to estate planning, including assistance with wills, power of attorney (POA), and establishing land trusts. These services are aimed at helping landowners protect their assets and make informed decisions about their properties.


2. Educational Workshops: Various workshops are available to program participants to help improve their knowledge base. These workshops cover topics related to property ownership, land management, and strategies for minimizing the risk of involuntary displacement.


3. Housing Counseling: Applicants can access housing counseling services to explore alternatives to displacement, such as home retention strategies or relocation support.


By offering these services, the program aims to prevent involuntary displacement and empower landowners to make informed decisions about their properties. The Anti Displacement Program is committed to supporting individuals and families facing the potential of displacement and providing the tools and knowledge needed to secure their housing and property rights.



Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for assistance under the Anti Displacement Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:


1. Income Eligibility: Applicants' gross annual household income should not exceed eighty percent (80%) of the Fiscal Year 2023 Area Median Family Income (AMFI) limits for the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos, TX MSA.


2. Residential Location: Applicants must currently reside within one mile of the proposed Project Connect line.


3. Decision-Making Authority: Applicants must be legally eligible to make decisions regarding the status of the home in question. This typically means that the applicant is the homeowner or has the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of the homeowner.

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Application Process:

1. Submission: Applicants are required to complete and submit the Anti Displacement Program application form. This form will include personal and household information, proof of income, and details about their residence and relationship to the property in question.


2. Verification: The submitted information will be reviewed for accuracy, and documents may be requested for income verification and residency confirmation.


3. Assessment: Applications will be assessed based on the eligibility criteria. Eligible applicants will be notified of their approval.

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Compliance and Reporting:

1. Compliance: All applicants and program participants are expected to comply with the guidelines and requirements of the Anti-Displacement Program.


2. Reporting: Regular reporting and monitoring of the program's progress and outcomes will be carried out to ensure that it is effectively preventing displacement and serving the intended beneficiaries.


Additional Information:

Program Administration:

The Anti Displacement Program will be administered by Life Anew Restorative Justice For inquiries, assistance, or additional information, please contact


Program Review and Revision:

The Anti Displacement Program guidelines are subject to periodic review and may be revised to better serve the needs of the community and align with the goals of preventing displacement due to the Project Connect line.


Non-Discrimination Policy:

The Anti Displacement Program is committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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