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"In an attempt to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, "School To Prosperity ™" is the methodology that Life Anew Restorative Justice embodies"

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Life anew

Since 2009, our 501c3 Non-Profit Organization has continuously executed many diverse paths to serve our community by creating a space for individuals and families to experience real and lasting positive life changes. We have effectively trained professionals and community leaders to actively participate in a process that will heal harms and protect victims of family violence, which includes the intimate partner, children, the elderly and the communities they live in by using restorative justice methods.

As of 2014, we have been given an opportunity to bring the Restorative Practices into our local community schools! Life Anew employs Restorative Practices Coordinators to train school staff, students, parents and community volunteers to engage one another in intentional conversations that lead to deep, meaningful relationships that result in life transformation.

We can only achieve this goal with the assistance of generous contributions from partners such as businesses, community leaders, churches, organizations and schools.

In 2022, Life Anew partnered with local non-profits and the Office of Violence Prevention to establish a Community Violence Intervention and Prevention program named ATX Peace. This joint venture has been impactful in reducing gun violence and retaliation within Travis County and surrounding areas. Additionally, it has had a profound impact on those who have been victims of gun violence. With our national footprint, Life Anew is creating an ecosystem approach that can be replicated throughout the region.

Without the support of donations to provide operational funds, serving those in our area would not be possible. We ask you to consider a donation to fulfill the mission to use restorative justice to build healthier communities, promote peace and create a space to heal from harm caused by broken relationships.

Partners like you are the key to our success and make it possible for Life Anew, Inc. to provide critical services to local schools and families in need, as well as hire additional staff, train school administrators and provide our services for more communities. No gift is too large or too small.


We sincerely thank you for your time and consideration,


Sherwynn and Kim Patton, Executive Director

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Our Mission

To produce a sense of well-being in communities worldwide by cultivating empathic environments and radical inclusiveness.

Our Board members

Our Team

Life Anew Vision


To be the leader in creating platforms for people to connect, contribute, and

collaborate for the purpose of building authentic relationships, which fosters

equitable outcomes.

Life Anew Core Values:

• We are loyal to Jesus Christ Leadership and are committed to loving humanity and the discovery of good within all people.

• We believe relationships matter

• We embrace technology to increase our reach

• We are committed to flexibility for the benefit of all involved


Dedication, Expertise, Passion

“This is a much different level of commitment than a typical consultant, many of whom haven’t been in the trenches for years. In contrast, Mr. Patton has a depth of investment in this work that is immediately felt by those around him. He is commonly referred to in our district as “the real deal.” I cannot imagine a higher compliment.”
Trudy Bender


Life Anew Restorative Justice is dedicated to increasing social awareness, reducing violence and creating a safe and secure environment. Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about helping individuals and communities to find new and creative solutions to the challenges they face. We believe that restorative justice is an essential part of any successful justice system and seek to empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives. We offer a range of services including consulting, workshops, and training programs. Click here to learn more about our services and how we can help.

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