Bridging the Gap

Staying connected through technology

Life is truly about relationships!  During this time when we are not able to connect in person due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is very important that we create opportunities to connect with one another virtually. 


Life Anew Restorative Justice is committed to creating these opportunities for our community. 


We are truly better TOGETHER!

During these unprecedented times is important to continue the community work you are called to. In order to stay healthy and still practice your callings, we encourage you to use our virtual platform as a means to stay committed, connected and collaborative. Click the "SIGN UP" button to access your virtual community.

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online, church service, or conferences?

Zoom Reviews


Zoom is used by our sales, marketing, customer success, and product teams. Obviously for sales calls, demos, and internal conferencing some solution is needed within any org, and Zoom is the best product we've tried in its category. Simple to use, very reliable, doesn't cut out or buffer, and no one has issues using the product on the receiving end of an invite. All complaints are minor usability issues and not core product problems.



We tried several platforms for having class discussions online with the COVID-19 issue. Zoom was the one that was the most user friendly and worked the best for teaching. None of the others were nearly as well designed. Add to that their opening up services for schools in need of moving online no charge, and it was the obvious choice. It has worked very well.


Zoom is being used across our whole organization. As an organization that has campus staff all across the nation, Zoom has made it easier for coworkers to meet without needing to travel. We are able to meet with many people at once, whether that is through video or people calling in through phone - and it is super stable (unlike other video conferencing options out there)

* If you need technical assistance please send us an email  to we can also offer remote assistance

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