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Vanessa Westley

Community Engagement Specialist

Chicago PD

Vanessa Wesley

Officer Vanessa Westley is a twenty-five year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. She has served in various positions within the Department’s Patrol Division and other units. She began her service in Community Policing in 2004 under now-retired First Deputy Dana V. Starks, as project manager in the Department’s CAPS Project Office. She later served as project manager for the Mayor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Partnerships. Currently she is the program manager for the Chicago Police Department’s and the Metro YMCA’s “Bridging the Divide” program. She is the special projects coordinator for the CAPS Revitalization effort launched in 2013. She leads the community engagement training program for the Department through DePaul University’s Center for Urban Education. Vanessa is a Restorative Justice and Art of Hosting practitioner and trainer.

Workshop Instructor

July 14 - 15, 2020

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