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Life Anew provides training for schools, municipalities, corporations, faith-based communities as well as law enforcement. Life Anew looks through the restorative lens in order to game fully impacted the impacted system. In the case of school the data showing that punitive discipline is not the best way to address disciplinary issues or the most effective method for changing behavior, many school districts are considering the utilization of restorative practices. One method of prevention and conflict resolution that Life Anew utilizes in schools is circles. Circles provide structure so that people will have the freedom to share openly and honestly with others to build healthy peer-peer relationships, develop socially and emotionally, heal from harm and repair harm that we have caused others.


In order or create a systemic change in the culture, it is imperative that the restorative processes includes all stakes holders. Our training methods work alongside your current policies and matrix with the expectation to help remove those barriers in policies and systems that promote a biased narrative. Life Anew utilizes in ECO-System methodology to facilitate healing and longevity.


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Restorative Practices in Schools

- School-Based Law Enforcement -

- Professional Development

- Cultural ResponsivenessProficiency

- Faith Community Restorative Practices

- Reconciliation and Relationship Restoration

- Human Resource Department Trainings

- Conflict Resolution

- Victim Offender Mediation


Another way to involve yourself within your local community is to participate in politics. Voting is by far the easiest way; however, once you are of voting age you must first register to vote. Another way to get involved in local politics is to call your Senators and House Representatives and tell them what you do or do not want in politics.

You can also join political protests or special interest groups that look to establish change in certain areas. You don’t have to be the one to organize the protest; by simply showing up, you help to have your voice and the voices of others heard. Often in government, it feels as if the individual doesn’t truly hold any power; however, when you enter the political sphere in your own community, you make your voice heard.

Within your local community there are a multitude of ways to get involved. Some forms of community participation require more effort than others, but there is truly something for everyone. Every member of a community not only has the ability to give back, but also should give back. Remember, even if you did not grow up in the community, it still has provided you with so much. It is your moral duty to help when you can help others. Community involvement has the ability to open new doors and opportunities for you and those around you.

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