Training Opportunities

Life Anew Provides Trainings for schools that are interested in knowing more about implementing restorative practices on their campus.

With the data showing that punitive discipline is not the best way to address disciplinary issues or the most effective method for changing behavior, many school districts are considering the utilization of restorative practices. One method of prevention and conflict resolution that Life Anew utilizes in schools is circles. Circles provide structure so that people will have the freedom to share openly and honestly with others to build healthy peer-peer relationships, develop socially and emotionally, heal from harm and repair harm that we have caused others.

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Restorative Practices in Schools

- School-Based Law Enforcement -

- Professional Development

- Cultural ResponsivenessProficiency

- Faith Community Restorative Practices

- Reconciliation and Relationship Restoration

- Human Resource Department Trainings

- Conflict Resolution

- Victim Offender Mediation

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