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Educator class 1 Getting it Right: Successful Restorative Justice Implementation in School Communities

Workshop Instructor: Dwanna Nicole


Session Description

As school districts across the country have moved away from zero tolerance policies and towards processes that keep students in school where they can learn, they have often turned to the use of restorative justice. In schools, restorative justice can be used to build healthy relationships between students and school staff, as well as among adults within the school community; support students’ healthy social and emotional development; create safe spaces for difficult conversations, deep emotions and healing; shift the focus from intervention to prevention of disciplinary infractions; and shift the paradigm from punitive disciplinary practices to those that repair harm and reduce suspensions, expulsions and arrests. When implemented with fidelity, restorative justice has proven to be a viable solution for school communities as a way to ensure equity and create environments that foster and prioritize relationships. Unfortunately, the implementation process is often rushed and fraught with errors in an effort to scale quickly. This session will provide attendees with a research based roadmap for sustainable implementation that is inclusive of the entire school community.




Educator class 2 Teaching Through a Cultural Lens/ Restorative Classrooms

Workshop Instructor: Lauryn Jackson


Session Description

This session provides educators with creative strategies for integrating culturally responsive pedagogy & race discussions by utilizing restorative practices in an effort to strengthen relationships and establish a risk-free learning environment that maximizes student engagement within the classroom setting.



Educator class 3 Building Our Best

Workshop Instructor: Andre Watkins


Session Description

A comprehensive journey into administrative supports and strategies to implement Restorative Strategies.



Educator class 4 Promoting Equity in Schools: Confronting Bias at Four Critical Levels

Workshop Instructor: Dr. Paula Johnson


Session Description

It is time to confront the historic discrimination that continues to disproportionately impact students of color, English Learners (EL), LGBTQ youth, and students with disabilities. Every component of the system, from early childhood to higher education, must assess and address policies and instructional practices that cause harm to students. In order to ensure that learning environments are supportive of all students, it is critical to develop culturally responsive schools, leadership, educators, and pedagogy. In this session, we will a framework for building capacity in these four areas and implications for policy reform.


Educator class 5 Cultural connectivity: Understanding the culture of students, parents, and the community we serve. 

Workshop Instructor: Caroline Escobar and Rebecka Aguilar


Session Description

Join me for a discussion on cultural connectivity. 

We will discuss how to build cultural connection through restorative circles, chats, and check-ins. I will share what it looks like on a school campus and in the community. This conversation will promote an understanding of the student’s culture and explain how their background is often linked to their success. As educators it is our responsibility to recognize and acknowledge the diversity within our classrooms. This enables us to build healthy relationships with the people we serve.

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