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Imagine a society where people truly are not, “ judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”.  Imagine a culture based upon listening and learning from one another.  Imagine an education system that had no racial disparities, but rather created an environment of belonging and a quality education for all students.  Imagine everyone having equitable access to healthcare.  Imagine no more police brutality or racial profiling.  Imagine Faith Leaders that united to promote justice for all people.  Imagine no more us vs. them dichotomies, because there is only US.  Can you Imagine living in a community like this?


The REIMAGINE 2 Day Conference will be addressing equity, race, culture, and reform in the areas of education, law, the marketplace, city government, health, Faith and in our communities, through a restorative justice lens.  Will you REIMAGINE with US?  Attend the REIMAGINE two day conference!  (If you are a community member in need of a scholarship to attend, please email us at

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Joe Blankd

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